Complete fixing system for the installation of bridges, overpasses and other road structures.

Griff fixing system is designed to build gravity drainage pipes or as shielding systems for power cables. The fixing system offered by us is prefabricated individually in accordance with the design documentation and technical specifications for a particular facility. Having different solutions allows optimum adaptation of the installation to the facility. All fixing system components passed the national technical assessment of the Research Institute of Roads and Bridges.

GRIFF bridge fixings have a number of advantages such as:
– a wide range of diameters in the segment of fixtures with a circular cross section from 50 to 500 mm,
– a wide range of system components allowing for individual configuration of the mounting points,
– high durability against corrosion,
– quick and easy installation.

Important components of the system

1. Pipe fixture
2. Brackets
3. Base board
4. Lashing elements
5. Fixed-point nuts